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Amazon store card will give you $10 off with gift card. To get this offer you must have an account to apply. Get your card and use it for purchases. A $10 gift card will be instantly loaded into your account. Join Prime and get extra. With amazon prime store card you can earn 5 % cash back. Apply now and get a quick response in as little as 15 seconds. Go ahead, and take advantage of your cardholder benefits.

  • You need to access the link which is from your web browser to apply for online for your card.
  • Once you are on the resultant page, read information about your store card and provide your email address and password in given click the button that says “Apply Now”.
  • After you have signed in to your account, complete the application with accurate details and offers.
  • If you are a new customer and don’t access to your account, go with the link “Start Here” in order to proceed.
  • If you are new to Amazon? Enter in your name. Your name is only required to make a personalize communication with you.
  • Enter in your preferred email address. You will be registered with this email address. All details about your orders, account, offers and promotions will be sent to you at this email address.
  • Enter your email ID again for conformation.
  • Create a password to protect your account information from illegal use.
  • Enter account password in specified field. This will be your account password at this website.
  • Repeat your password for verification.
  • Complete the fields to complete this registration and press the button marked “Create Account” at the end.
  • Sign in to your account and complete your card application. It’s quick and easy. It will take couple of munities to complete.

You must read condition of use and privacy notice. upon the approval of your credit card application, you will be able to receive your card via mail. Get it and use it to save big. Hurry up, don’t miss this opportunity.

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