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PC Financial offers Canada’s first World Elite MasterCard with no annual fee. Use your card to earn points towards free items and products. Members will be rewarded with long list of premium advantages, perks and benefits. Use your points for groceries at discount.

Your card is accepted at millions of member locations worldwide. Carry it with you whether you are dining at your favorite restaurant, shopping and more. Use your card for online payments. Online payments are quickest and most convenient option to pay.

  • You need to access the link that is in order to continue.
  • Once there, go with the button that says “Apply Now”.
  • Just answer a few questions to get started.
  • Read the application disclosure summary above and tick the checkbox to accept you have read and agree with terms and conditions.
  • You need to follow six simple steps to complete this application. It’s easy, quick and free.
  • In first step you need to provide the information about you.
  • Select a preferred language. Future communication will be in the language you select.
  • Click the down arrow to choose the title.
  • Enter in your first name, initial and legal name.
  • Enter in your complete date of birth.
  • Provide a valid social insurance number.
  • You need to provide an email address. You will get the confirmation via email at this email address.
  • In next section you need to provide the current home address.
  • Enter in your street number, street name, unit number and rural route.
  • You need to enter in post office box number.
  • Enter in your city/town and province name. The province must be same as residential address.
  • You need to provide the corresponding postal code for mailing purpose.
  • Next you need to provide the primary phone number and mobile phone number.
  • Click the down arrow to choose the housing status and other information.
  • Press the button that says “Continue”.
  • In next section you need to provide the employment information.
  • In next section you need to provide the additional information.
  • You can add additional cardholders. Provide the information about other cardholders.

If you are having trouble completing this application and would like to speak to a representative, call 1-866-246-7262.

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