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Join the fun and be part of Bath & Body club. Register your account and get email offers, deals, promotions and the latest news from company before anyone else. Save your favorite items in your cart for convenient checkout.

Register your account and personalize your shopping experience. This will take about a minute to complete this application.

  • First go to the link that is and follow the prompts to access your account.
  • Login: if you are a returning customer and already have signed up, input your details.
  • Enter in your email address and password associated with your account.
  • Hit on “Login” button.
  • After you have logged in, you can easy purchase items online, edit and re-order the items.
  • Not a member yet? If you are a new customer and don’t have access to your account, sign up for your account now.
  • You will see registration fields at the right hand side of the page.
  • Fill out your details and you will be on your way.
  • Begin this application with your name.
  • Enter in your email address. Your email address is your login name. You have to input this login ID to access your account at this site. By providing your email address you will also receive information about latest offers and deals in your area.
  • Create a password for this shopping profile. You will need this pass code to access your account.

You can save your favorites, place and reorders the items quickly after logging in to your account. Checkout the preferences to experience fun, easy, fast and convenient shopping. Review privacy policy and terms and conditions. Your details are safe here! Read policy to get more information about how they are collecting, using and save your information.

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