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Now office depot is offering you online Tablet shopping that can replace your laptop. You can find such an amazing features like laptop to make your working style easier. Now you don’t need to carry your laptop everywhere when you have your tablet. Here you can buy two latest tablets with following features.

Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3:

Surface 3 is one the best tablet that is easy to use and work like your laptop. It carries its keyboard and pen solid with it. Here are some features that you need to know before going to purchase. Surface pro 3 is giving you powerful machine to handle your office work.


Surface 3 Surface Pro 3
Operating system It has Windows 10 and Microsoft with 1 year registration  It has Windows 10 pro
Screen 10”8 clear screen and 1920x 1280 resolution  12” clear HD screen and 2160 x 1440 resolution
Battery You can enjoy video for long 10 hours  You can use 9 hours web browsing
Processor Quad Core IntelAtom x7 processor 1.6Ghz  4th Gen Intel Corei3, Core i5, and Core™ i7 processors
RAM 2.4Ghz burst speed  4GB or 8GB and TPM Chip


How can you make Ultimate Work Station With Tablet?

They are giving your extra devices service to work with tablet easily.

  • Surface Type Cover: you can choose different color to click.
  • Surface Pen: now you can draw and paint via this pen to create something amazing.
  • Wireless Adaptor: you can attach your tablet with big screen
  • Surface Docking Station: Get instant Office

How To Shop Online?

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