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British Gas is letting you an amazing online service to submit your meter reading online. You have to just read your gas meter, according to the guided method available on their site. Enter the correct readings of the meter and the administration of the company running the site will let you know about the billing online. This online service make you confirm that , meter readers are reading your meter correctly or not.

British gas is UK energy service provider for public and commercial needs. They are proudly providing gas, electricity and home repairing services to their millions of customers that are living in England, Wales, Scotland. Company is satisfyingly serving their customer are living on their expectation by providing them all service that they want to get.

How To register?

  • Use this link to get registered here.
  • On the page, see the heading “submit meter reading” and click on the link “Register now”.
  • With having an account here you cannot submit meter reading, so go thought by the online account registration.
  • Next on the page enter your email address and re-type it for the confirmation.
  • Click on the button “create online account”.
  • Next enter your name details and choose the option if you have customer reference number.
  • If you don’t have customer reference number then , enter postcode and click on the button ‘Find Accounts’.
  • After that choose your account password and complete the account registration services.

After completing the account, login and submit your meter reading.

This reliable service that is allowing you to recheck your meter reading and can guide for billing statements.

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