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BT originates back with the foundation of electric telegraph company in 1846.At first it was a general post office but later in 1969 it became the leading telecommunication services providers in network communication. It was privatised in 1984 and its 50 percent shares were sold to investors. Now a day’s British telecommunications group is a leading telecommunication services Company. The main head offices of BT Company are located in United Kingdom. Its operations and services are worldwide i.e. over 170 countries. A BT global service provides telecommunication services to the customers worldwide. BT retail division provides telephones, broad bands and television services in England to 18 million customers worldwide.


You can track your orders on BT by going to its official website and following the steps which are given below:

  • Open the official web link where you can log in to your account which is
  • In the window pane on right hand side, enter your BT ID and password. Click the login button to go to the tracking order options.
  • Enter the reference number of your order in the provided space along with the postal code and click the “Track my order button.
  • You can also view the quick links under sign in window and go to the order tracking website from there.
  • You can also track your order by providing the sales reference or VOL number.
  • Sales reference is a number assigned to each customer while placing an order while VOL number is the reference number which is given on phone orders.

For viewing help or security options, click the links just below the login window on the right hand corner.

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