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Dining Dough is an internet portal to access different deals on meals and dishes and win a number of gifts. This website offers its mobile application which can be downloaded on android based cell phone as well as Iphones. You can also create an account on this website in order to browse for restaurants in your area. You can also browse for local restaurants by clicking the respective link on lower left corner of the main web page. Enter your ZIP or postal code in order to find out about the restaurants in your area.


In order to redeem gifts on dining dough, follow the steps given below in order to redeem your gift on this website:

  • Open the official Dining Dough website which is
  • In the left hand side, find a blue window pane having 2 blank search bars. Enter your gift code in order to redeem your gift and enter the text displayed in the image below in order to ensure that you are not a computing device trying to access the server for fraudulent activities.
  • Check the statement displayed below due to which gift card would be saved to your account.
  • Click the “Redeem” button in order to complete this procedure.
  • If you need any help regarding this procedure, click the “Help” button on top right corner of the website to view guidelines on a topic of your choice.

For this procedure, you may need to register an account on this website before hand. For the registration, click the “my account” button on top right corner of the website. Enter the information required there in order to register the account.

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