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First Common Wealth Bank is letting its customer to experience online banking service. Customers can open now their online banking account by making online account. For getting online account customer should have bank account. To get bank account customer has to visit the bank branch and by filling form to open an account here. After that bank will issue account number and account details. User can use account details for making online account for registering an account.


  • Click on this link and sign up for online banking account.
  • At the corner of the website click on “My account login” and choose online banking option from the given option.
  • On the next page click on “Enroll now” option.
  • Read the terms and condition and press “I accept” button.
  • Provide “Social security number” “Account number” and “Email address and press “Continue” button.


  • You can easily pay bill payment online.
  • It helps you to manage your budget, categorize transaction and also plan for your future.
  • You can check you saving and investment information.

Online banking account is much secure and will protect your for account details theft you can control your account anytime by logging into account. You can check the transaction you made previously and can make other payments through your account.

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