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Kellogg’s is a cereal manufacturing company in the United States of America which was founded in 1906. This company manufactures a number of breakfast snacks such as froot loops, corn flakes, frosted flakes, rice krispies and many more. The company offers its products in more than 150 different countries and has manufacturing plants installed in more than 15 different countries. This company keeps experimenting with the tastes and flavors of the cereals and discontinues the flavors which don’t prove to be a hit in the market. In addition to a variety of cereals, this company also manufactures foods that can be eaten quickly such as crackers, toaster pastries, fruit flavored snacks and many more.


Kellogg’s offers its customers the ability to win coupons and get discount rates on these coupons by the company. In order to redeem a coupon, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the official Kellogg’s website which is
  • In order to redeem a coupon, you need 2 personal identification numbers. Each identification number is present in the cereal package specifically marketed during the promotional period.
  • If you already have these coupons, click the “Redeem now” button to proceed.
  • Enter the first Pin number in the first blank bar and second one in the second blank bar. Click the “Continue” button to proceed.
  • Select the package coupon for which you want to request the coupon. Specify your location and personal details in order to let the company officials ship this coupon at your address.

This coupon will be sent via mail so keep checking your mail. The approximate time for receiving coupon would be two to four weeks.

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