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Logitech is Swiss company manufacturing computers and laptops. Logitech has two different head quarters one is located in Lausanne, Switzerland and the other one is located in Newark, California, United States of America. 9 thousand employees work with Logitech. The first production unit of Logitech was established in Switzerland then they expanded their business in United States, Taiwan, China and Ireland. The tablet devices made by Logitech are ranked 4 out of 5 stars in performance as compared to the other tablet manufacturing companies. Logitech and Google combined to make Google TV which is an online Tele vision services for users all around the globe.


In order to download the software according to your needs on the system of your device, you have to follow the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Visit the web portal of Logitech where it offers the download links of different application products. This site can be accessed by entering the URL
  • View the second window pane displayed in the center that displays a title “Downloads”. Here, you can search for all the softwares that you want to download using this link. Click the “Downloads and apps” button to proceed.
  • This link provides a number of applications for different types of operating systems such as windows, mac, iOS and android. Click the “Show me” button on right side of any of these categories to view the list of applications under this category.
  • Each application is provided with its name and a brief introduction. You can view the details of this product or click the “Download” button on right corner of the app to install it on your system.

This click will open a pop up window asking you to save the file and then run the setup file to install the application.

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