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Macy’s is a chain of departmental stores which presents a variety of latest fashion items for its customers. The company offers all of the products on retail prices. The outlets of Macy’s initially started when Hussey Macy started the first outlet of Macy’s with the sale of dried items and goods. This store started serving its customers in the period between 1843 and 1855. The company currently has about 172500 as counted in the year 2014 who have been successful in providing reliable services since the foundation of Macy’s first store.


You can get a Macy’s star reward account in order to enjoy the benefits that are offered by Macy’s card by going through the steps which are mentioned below:

  • Go to the web portal where this company presents its customers the link to start the star rewards account. You can go to the link and complete the steps for registration.
  • Enter your account number in the first space bar, SSN and card protection number from the old and new Macy’s card in the last two space bars.
  • Note that the last four digits of SSN must be entered and the protection number consists of 3 digits.
  • Click the “Submit” button to enter these details in the system. This button is located at lower right side of the page.
  • In the next step, verify the details that are required for confirmation of the details provided in the first step.
  • In the last step, add these details to your profile by submitting the card information to your profile.

You can also view more information on “Deals and promotions” in case if you want to view more details on the offers presented by Macy’s outlets.

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