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Metro bank is allowing you to open new account online for new account now you don’t have to visit bank personally. You can send your request for new account online. If your request would be accepted you would be informed by email.


  • Computer with internet
  • Email address with personal details
  • Visit metro bank website.


  • Visit website of Metro bank to apply for open new account online
  • Click on option of “Open account” under menu of Personal located on top menu list of website. It will redirect you to another window. click on option “I would like to open a new metro bank account”
  • Click on hyper link of “Here” located under option 2 of Apply online to complete by mail. It will take you to application form where you have to provide all details to send request to open new account.
  • Select type of customer through radio button either new customer or existing customer.
  • Select type of account you would like to open with amount of opening deposit twice in required fields.
  • Select services you would like to take at this time from given options of ATM, Direct deposit, bank by phone or bank by phone funds transfer.
  • Select what would be the status of your account ownership with account title in related tabs.
  • Provide details of primary or secondary owner by entering email address, first, middle and last name, street address, social security number, date of birth, daytime number and evening number in required fields.
  • You can also provide details of place of employment, employer address, city, state, zip code and select option about country of tax with special instruction but it’s optional if you won’t provide these details that’s alright.
  • Click on the button “Send you Request” to finish the process.

Do you want to open a new account in metro bank? visit its website and apply for new account by providing information to fill a form for new account.

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