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Today we are all facing economical crises and everyone need better money management. Millions of people are now looking for better financial plans that help them for saving money. Now days people are preferring credit card for spending money instead of keeping cash into the pocket. People are now appreciating net spend prepaid debit card.  There are so many benefits attached with using this card as there are no additional fees for every transaction.


  • A computer with internet access
  • “Credit card “and it’s information


  • Here is the link of the website
  • After accessing the website click on “Activate card” button.
  • Now enter “Card number”& “three digits of CVV number” that is printed on the back side of your card.
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Now complete your activation process by following instruction

You can reload your card anytime by using your account to manage your card. You can reload your account by direct deposit, PayPal or bank account.  This card is available to buy for just $9.99 and there is no additional fee for purchasing card.

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