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RBC is Canadian charted bank it provide you various calculator to find out amount, interest rates, and mortgage payments for free. you are just required to enter details about your salary, source of income, value of mortgage, interest rate, payment time period and frequency of payments in years, months or semimonthly. When you will provide all details it will take you results.


  • A computer
  • Reliable Internet connection


  • Go to the official URL of RBC for calculating interest rate of loan.
  • Hit the link of RBC
  • Click on the tab of “Loan” positioned on menu list of home page.
  • Take your arrow on option of “Loan” you will get a list of menus, click on Loan payment Calculator sited on the right side of window.
  • It will pass on you to another window where you will find a form to calculate total loan payment.
  • Enter your reason to borrow loan from given list. E.g. to purchase a car, payoff your debt sooner etc…
  • Enter total amount you want to borrow in given textbox or specify amount through selector.
  • Enter Interest rate in required blank or select through selector located below textbox.
  • Select what kind of payment you want to calculate either Line of credit or Loan. If you are selecting “loan” enter loan repayment period with frequency of loan payment.
  • Finally, click on “Calculate” button to get outcome of interest rate.

Do you it difficult to calculate your credit loan or line of payment? RBC is a providing you various calculators through which you can adjust and calculate your interest rates within seconds anytime and can plan for your better future.

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