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Now day’s people want online access to all legal documents and they want them to save a proof on web services. U.S government has now providing web service to all legal documents. County Clerk is web service that is provided to all Tennessee citizens to get county service for motor license, taxes and forms online. You can get number plate renewal service here by getting information about the exact procedure.


  • Must have internet and computer
  • Personal and contact information

How to access:

  • Here is the link of the website
  • Open website 1ST chooses your “country” OR “License plate number” and press “Go” button.
  • A list of offered services show that are offered for this “country”.
  • Choose the service which you want to get and fill the form and provide required information.

By providing your number plate you will access the further details to complete the online form or to access the office near to you. By filling the form by providing your expired licenses and motor vehicle information you can easily get your new license.

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