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Valleyb bank has now shifted to the Great Southern bank and giving the banking service by merging into its services. Now you can have online banking account to enjoy the convenient banking service. Find how can you handle your bank account by using your laptop or mobile phone. Keep track on your account anytime anywhere by making account here.


  • You need to have social security number
  • You must be adult
  • Need to have bank account


  • Use this link to access online banking service.
  • After that see login field for getting access to your online account.
  • Choose online banking login and enter your userID and press the button “Login”.
  • If you are not registered then click on the link “Enroll”.
  • Choose the account type “Personal banking” and click on the button “Continue”.
  • For making account read the term and condition and click on the button “I agree” button to move on.
  • After that enter your social security number without adding any space or dashes.
  • Type your account number and enter the email on file.
  • After entering these details enter the button “Continue”.
  • Next you will have to complete the registration process of personal banking account.

Get Great southern banking service by making account for online banking, consumer’s loans, and credit cards. You will have diversified banking service here by making online account.

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