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Wal-Mart Money card service is provided to facilitate the customer to shop conveniently here. By using this card for shopping they can buy everything and can get points and rewards. Customer can reload the card any time with any extra charges. This card service is without the purchase transaction and overdraft fee.

What You Need Before?

  • Purchase card before to setup this online service.
  • You must have PIN and date of birth.

How To Setup?

  • To setup card for your purchase visit this site and access the company’s card services.
  • On the page see the tab “Set Up Card Purchased” and access the page to provide some details.
  • Enter the card number and 3-digits security code of your card.
  • Now scroll and enter your name, address information, social security number, date of birth and card PIN.
  • Next enter your email address, mobile & home phone number.
  • Tick mark the terms and condition statement and then click on the “Continue” button.
  • Next complete the next 2 steps to get the card service easily

What Will You Gain?

  • You can get these card services without the credit check and overdraft fees.
  • To get this card you are not required to have bank account.
  • You can make purchases and get the points to win the rewards and discounts.

Closing Curtains:

Now card services are making online shopping more easy and reliable. User can shop anytime using card and they are reload card when they found their card with no credit.

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